For the Birds

Well, the weather outside seems to be cooling down, and animals are preparing for colder winter months. You can help them with these great homemade bird and squirrel feeders. Hang a few of them in your trees and around your yard, and you’ll be sure to have entertainment all winter as you watch your new feathered friends eat from these feeders.

Stock Photo: pine cone bird feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder:

Step 1: Hot glue a piece of string to the top of a old pinecone.

Step 2: Spread peanut butter on the pinecone (which will be your glue to attach other tasty goodies).

Step 3: Roll your pinecone in corn meal, dried cranberries, raisins, or peanuts.

Step 4: Roll your pinecone in mixed bird seed.

Step 5: Hang your pinecone feeder on a branch with the string.

If you don’t have a pinecone, use a bagel.

Slinky® Bird Feeder:

Step 1: Take a wire hanger and stretch the bottom out so it’s in the shape of an O.

Step 2: Take a pair of pliers and bend each end of a Slinky into a U-shape.

Step 3: Attach one end of the Slinky around the hook part of the hanger. (See photo for reference.)

Step 4: Now spin the Slinky around the hanger until the hanger is in the middle of the Slinky. Take the other side of the Slinky and loop it around the hook part of your wired hanger.

Step 5: Fill your hanger with peanuts, and hang it on a tree branch.







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