Still looking at a sparse, bare lawn?

Many homeowners make it their mission every spring to create the lawn that is the envy of their neighbors. You may be part of that group.

You may have visited the local lawn expert that advertises a special mix made for your location. You listened intently as he explained everything step by step. You bought stuff like fertilizer, seed, weed control and a spreader. You aerated. You put down fertilizer. You seeded and put that mesh or a layer of straw down to give those seeds the right environment to take root. You watered just the right amount twice a day, just like the expert advised.

You did everything right and now it’s late summer, but you’re still looking at bare patches or thin, sparse blades. You’re not alone there, either. Many homeowners seed in the spring hoping to see a lush green lawn sprout where thin or non-existent grass exists.

Don’t worry… You were just six months early.

Why fall is the perfect time to start a new lawn

The cooler temperatures prevent seed from drying out and there’s still enough sun and rain to help them germinate before going into hibernation for the winter. In addition, crabgrass and other weeds die off in the fall, which means there is less competition for nutrients necessary to help your new grass take hold. This will also help you control weeds in the spring because thicker grass chokes off area and nutrients necessary for weeds to take hold.

So do the same thing; just do it in September. When the grass turns green, you’ll have a thicker, lusher lawn and this spring, your neighbors will be asking for your secret to a great looking lawn.


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