5 Tips for Buying A House

So, you’re thinking about buying a house. Your first house in fact. Well, we’ve compiled a few things we think are very important for you to know before jumping in! Here are five home buying tips learned from experience.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying A House


  • There is no such thing as a “turn key”.
    • There will always be things to buy or fix when purchasing a new home. No, you might not have to do a complete renovation job but just bare that in mind when you are looking at houses. Make sure to do your due diligence and look for the odds and end things you might have to purchase right away or fix. For example, shower rods, appliances, outside trash bins, etc. Not everything you see stays with the house – so make sure to ask!
  • The closing date can and will more than likely change.
    • Probably one of the most frustrating things in the process of buying a house is when the closing date is changed, especially if your lease has already ended, or if you have already sold your house. So, when purchasing your home, make sure to give yourself some wiggle room. There is no worse feeling than feeling displaced or scrambling to find a place to crash for a few weeks before your home closes.
  • You will need fluid cash.
    • Even if you are able to negotiate the seller paying the closing costs and you already have your down payment – there will still be costs throughout the process. For example, things like home inspections, radon tests, appraisals, and terminate inspections all come with a price tag. Make sure you have the fluid cash before jumping in!
  • Your bank account is your best friend and your worst enemy.
    • The loan underwriter will go through your finances with a fine tooth comb once you’ve decided on your home. Seriously, if you deposit money that you found lying around your house more than likely the underwriter will ask for an explanation of where the funds came from and to show evidence of how you got it. To be honest, explaining that I sold a few pieces of furniture on craiglist and deposited it into my account was probably one of the hardest things to prove to my underwriter. So, word of advice, when you start looking at houses (not when you put on offer in) keep track of all of your cash deposits, this will just help you later on.
  • Rational vs. Emotional
    • Looking at homes, putting offers on homes, offers being rejected, counter offers, all of these things have an emotional toll. But try to keep the decision of buying a house the most methodical, logical and rational choice you make. It will be tough – so try to take a step back and think “what is the best financial decision for me when buying a house?”

I hope these tips on buying a house have given you some insight in buying a home! What are some things you think buyers should know before buying a house? Are you ready to buy your first home? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!


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