Cold Weather Decorating

JANUARY 7, 2016


Image: Coco Lapine Design

The holidays are over but the cold weather is still here… least for some of us. My Christmas decor is back in boxes and all of the greenery has been tossed. So now what? Do we make our spaces all springy? Or do we use the cold weather to create cozy homes? I like to call this “cold weather decorating”. I have a few easy tips for you to create a warm space for this chilly season.

1. Use throw pillows, not only for added textile but to add warmth and comfort. Splash them around your home, using them on sofas, chairs, beds, window seats, benches and even on the floor.


Image: Andy Liffner

2. Magazines and books can immediately give the sense of cold, rainy days that require lots of blankets, hot chocolate and hot fireplaces. Display them by stacking them on the floor, on tabletops or displaying them on shelves. Create a more organic feel by mixing and matching sizes and colors.


Image: Amber Interiors

3. Rugs ALWAYS warm up a space. Choose a rich, textured rug for your powder room. Your guests will love it!


Image: French By Design

4. Wood accessories bring a sense of rustic, warm moments. I love pairing vintage wood pieces with more modern, streamlined pieces.


Image: Marie Claire Maison

5. Display your silver collection with pride. All of that gorgeous old silver compliments the cold, winter months and creates a masterpiece.


Image: First Home

6. Sheepskin is an obvious choice for creating cozy spaces. You can display them on chairs, sofas, benches and even in front of fireplaces.


Image: House Of C 

7. If you want to bring some practical warmth to your bed as well as adding some style, a simple quilt will do the job!


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