Home Organization Ideas: Top Storage Tips to Organize the Home

TIBURON, CA – AUGUST 03: A worker with Johnson and Daly Moving and Storage moves a piece of furniture into a truck while moving a family August 3, 2010 in Tiburon, California. Since 2006, statistics show that homeownership is slowly declining, dropping to 66.9 percent in the second quarter of this year. It is estimated that with a continued decline, homeownership could drop to 62 percent by 2012. (Photo : Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Here are some tips on how to maximize and organize your storage spaces at home.

According to House Beautiful, you can easily add storage spaces in certain parts of your home by simply rearranging whatever items you already have there at the moment.

For instance, don’t let your fresh produce to just sit on the kitchen counters or dining area. Instead, have an extra storage built somewhere in your kitchen that you can use space only when you have fresh produce that you want to store.

Instead of wasting so much space on the counter for drying your dishes, why not have one built hanging? Doing this could mean that the bottom area of the hanging storage can also be used for other purposes.

You can also save so much time when using towels for drying dishes or cleaning the kitchen sink. All you have to do is have a hanger installed somewhere in the kitchen area.

Meanwhile, ensure that everyone at home will be safe by not storing knives inside the cabinets. Instead, store them outside where everyone can see them, but do so in an upward manner. In case it falls, no one’s hand will get injured.

Remember, all condiments and ingredients for cooking that you frequently use should be stored in the same area. However, bear in mind that they should be labeled properly to avoid confusion.

Additionally, if you are a self-confessed wine drinker, see to it that your wine bottles are always within reach. Buy a wine bottle holder or container that can make it easier for you to choose which wine to drink at a given time, according to Wayfair.

Now that you have all of these helpful tips, it’s finally time to execute them and to benefit from all of the ease they can provide you with.



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