10 Cool DIY Bookcase Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank



If the collection of your books needs to be housed in a bookcase then you can make a bookcase yourself too. There are many materials and items you can use or recycle to create a cool bookcase that will not only store and display your books, but will decorate your home too. Along with that we have discovered such bookcase ideas that call for less money. Take a look:

1. Stack Old Wooden Crates and Build a Bookcase


Image via: tara michelle interiors

2. Recycle an Old Ladder and Give It a Second Life


Image via: tara michelle interiors

3. Install Ledges on a Wall to Become a Bookcase That Won’t Require Too Much Material to Build


Image via: two plus cute

4. Re-think an Old Door And Turn Trash to Treasure


Image via: the elliott homestead , etsy

5. Give a Makeover to An Old Dresser


Image via: viral upcycle

6. Re-imagine a Cable Reel into a Bookshelf


Image via: lucht adoption

7. Get Creative with Plumping Pipes


Image via: pinterest , charliestine

8. Re-purpose Old Drawers and Employ Them as a Bookcase


Image via: indulgy , pinterest

9. Build a Bookcase from Recycled Pallet Wood


Image via: pinterest , pinterest

10. Show Off Some Creativity with Old Table Legs


Image via: layla grayce

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