10 Uniquely Awesome Refrigerator Designs



1. An Armoire Fridge That Is Perfect for French Design Admirers


Image via: fancy , houzz

2. An Undercounter Double Drawer Fridge That Will Make Your Work Easier


Image via: peta gadget

3. A Kitchen Island Fridge That Provides Loads of Storage Space


Image via: architecture n design

4. A Four Compartment Fridge with a Combination of Drawers Outfitted with Pull Out Shelves


Image via: appliance reports

5. A Fridge That is More Than Just a Cooling Appliance with a Wifi Enabled Touch Screen able to Perform Multiple Tasks and Functions


Image via: best buy

6. A Mini Fridge by IGLOO in Exciting Colors


Image via: urban outfitters

7. A Four Door See Through Fridge That is Nothing But Pure Beauty


Image via: vignette design

8. A Cabinet Style Fridge That Looks Like a Piece of Furniture


Image via: arrex

9. A Modular Fridge with Individual Chilling Options


Image via: behance

10. A Drink Storage Fridge Perfect for Cookouts and Parties Where Drinks Will Always be Available Chilled


mage via: perlick , system farmer


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