Kitchen Design Tips: Choosing Durable Floors

By Bethany Jenkins


The holidays seem to be coming faster and faster each year. If you’re like us, you feel like you just get your decorations up and it’s time to take them down again. It can be a lot of work and take a fair amount of time, and time seems to be our most precious resource these days.  So why not skip the separate Thanksgiving and Christmas tables and make a blended holiday table that works for both? That’s what we’ve decided to do this year.

Decorating the Holiday Table

A great way to start is to keep the table runner and other table linens neutral. That is not to say they have to be boring though. We’ve picked a table runner that had a little bling in it for this year’s look. At only $18, you can never go wrong with a neutral color that has a little sparkle to it. Next, we’ve picked placemats and napkin rings that have a sort of luminescent sheen to them that says, “I could be silver or I could be gold.” We looked for a pearl color but found these to be even better.

Bring in a Bit of Rustic

With all of the bling and sheen, we needed a touch of rustic to tone it down. So we brought in some gourds and rustic candles to bring it down a notch.  The gourds also serve another purpose for us–they look more like Thanksgiving than Christmas. So, when we are done with Thanksgiving dinner, all we have to do is toss these and bring in our next favorite live decoration, one that looks more like Christmas. These could be holly, cranberries, or even some small white pumpkins. These are best found at your local grocery store or craft store.  If you prefer an even more rustic look, you could line a bowl or tray in brown paper and fill it with red pomegranates like the ones shown here. We love the addition of a live decoration. Not only for the nice look, but live decorations also tend to be inexpensive and don’t have to be stored for next year. Yay!

Fill in with Snacks and Sweets

Now this part is entirely optional and doesn’t work for everyone, but we LOVE it. There’s nothing nicer than sharing yum-yums at the holidays, and having candy out as a decoration is one of the easiest ways to do that. Especially if your family is in and out at various times, just tell them that the candy on the table is for them to enjoy and share. Even no one eats them until the actual holiday, they will look great and very inviting on the table.  Unlike the store display, your table will look like it’s for real people.

The Finishing Touches for Decorating your Table

The final touch for us is the lighting. The battery-operated twinkle lights, or fairy lights as they are sometimes called, are just too much fun on the holiday table.  Especially when you have glass plates and other reflective surfaces, the lights seem to pick up everything that is fun about the table and project it to anyone standing nearby.

Decorating the holiday table is a very personal endeavor. Just like good design in any form, it is highly personal. Here at Jenkins Design+Build, we spend our days thinking about ways to design each home’s details in ways that are personal to the individual homeowner. We do our best to listen well and understand each homeowner’s personal style in order to them in every detail.  In the words of Eero Saarinen (who designed the famous St. Louis Arch), the best designs are “the shapes that the ‘creators’ best relate to and thrive in”.  To see a sample of what we’ve been designing lately, check out our What’s in Design section here on our website.

From our team to your family, we wish you ‘happy decorating’ and hope your table turns out just the way you like it.  More importantly, we wish you and yours Happy Holidays during this special season!


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