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5 Things All Stylish People Have In Their Homes


What Makes A Stylish Home?

Well, some might argue that it’s a great couch, while others may say it’s in the attention to detail. However, one thing is for sure, there are people who just seem to know what works and the same goes for their personal style. They are often the people we see on Instagram whose bedroom colour palettes always match their #ootd(outfit of the day) but how do they do it? Well according to Lyz Lynch of, there is an actual list. Time to take notes!


A little predictable? Perhaps, although it has been proven that rooms with plants look and feel a little brighter and warmer. The most aesthetically pleasing ones that you can consider for your home are; Rubber plant, Bromeliar, Prayer plant, Schefflera, The Mother In Law’s Tongue, Cactus and of course, Swiss cheese plant and the Rainforest plant. (look them up)

Images: Haarkon, Pinterest

                                                                                                        Some examples of how you can add plants.

A Luxurious Throw  

You know you’ve seen them and wondered “wow, this blanket looking thing is really cool” and yes, throws are pretty amazing. They add an effortless luxury to living and bedroom spaces. Drape it over your couch or bed to create a look that will bring your space together.

You don’t have to be too extravagant. A simple knitted throw does the trick too. Images: Pinterest

An Antique Piece

A touch of vintage to your wardrobe is just as coveted when it comes furniture. Whether it be your aunt’s inherited vase or a chair or an ornament that you bought on a trip you took a few years ago, vintage items go beyond just being beautiful because they’re priceless too.

Images: Pinterest

Statement Art

Nothing adds personality and colour to a space the way an art piece does. An interesting art piece can really act as a centrepiece of a space where you don’t really need much else; invest on a timeless piece that speaks to your taste.

                                                                                                                                Images: Pinterest

A Bold Piece

Whether it be a chandelier or an unusual table –  take a risk and choose something that really shows off your quirky or eclectic side.

A statement can be made in a variety of ways; a colourful couch, a cool chair or a light piece.
Images: Pinterest

Now that you have all this inspiration, we certainly hope that you are excited to make some changes as you usher in the new season.



Kitchens that Get Black & White Just Right

By Nancy Mitchell

ce03e894cb75fffb535dc8b93275b01034914849 (Image credit: Coco Lapine Design)

Black and white is a classic color combo that works pretty much anywhere, but we happen to think it’s especially nice in the kitchen. Here, for your inspiration, are 19 incredibly stylish kitchens that work contrast to their advantage.

Above: Black accents enliven a kitchen from Coco Lapine Design.


(Image credit: Leva & Bo via La Maison de Anna G)

Black and white and just a bit of color, from Leva & Bo (via La Maison de Anna G).


(Image credit: Vogue)

Black and white but definitely not boring — there’s tons going on in this kitchen fromVogue. Two kinds of tiles, stainless cabinets, and plenty of art layer together for a space that’s sophisticated but also warm.


(Image credit: Ollie & Seb’s Haus)

Dark cabinets add drama in a kitchen spotted on Ollie & Seb’s Haus.


(Image credit: My Domaine)

The lovely kitchen of a Paris apartment spotted on My Domaine.


(Image credit: Elle Decoration)

White cabinets look nice with a dark countertop in this kitchen from Elle Decoration. The black and white theme is repeated in the rug, and in the subway tile matched with dark grout.


(Image credit: A Merry Mishap)

Contrast rules in an uber-minimal kitchen from A Merry Mishap.


(Image credit: Milk Decoration)

Black and white mix in this kitchen from Milk Decoration. The dark cabinets, appliances, and rage hood add drama, while the white-tiled walls feel clean and bright.


(Image credit: Bo Bedre)

A little bit of contrast is just right for this kitchen from Bo Bedre.


(Image credit: Skona Hem)

You’ve seen tiled backsplashes, and tile countertops, but this kitchen from Skona Hem has tile (paired with dark grout) absolutely everywhere, for a look that seems simultaneously fresh and also a bit of an 80s throwback.


(Image credit: Oracle Fox)

White marble and black cabinets in an Australian kitchen from Oracle Fox.


(Image credit: Emma Hos)

Dark grout ups the style factor in this kitchen from Emma Hos.


(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

Little things make a big difference: this kitchen from Nuevo Estilo is mostly white, but the steel-framed door and black lighting and furniture help to ground the space and keep things interesting.


(Image credit: The Style Files)

A black and white cement tile backsplash adds panache to this kitchen from The Style Files.


(Image credit: House & Home)

White marble and black make an unexpectedly delicious combination. Image fromHouse & Home.


(Image credit: Dustjacket Attic)

Contrast is king in this kitchen from Dustjacket Attic: the traditional molding and the modern kitchen, and the bright white countertops and black cabinets.


(Image credit: SF Girl by Bay)

A black tiled backsplash adds a bit of style to a kitchen from SF Girl by Bay.


(Image credit: Residence Magazine)

Black and white (and just a bit of grey) in a traditional-meets-modern kitchen fromResidence Magazine.


(Image credit: Miss Moss)

Black and white are perfect partners in this kitchen from Miss Moss.


Cold Weather Decorating

JANUARY 7, 2016


Image: Coco Lapine Design

The holidays are over but the cold weather is still here… least for some of us. My Christmas decor is back in boxes and all of the greenery has been tossed. So now what? Do we make our spaces all springy? Or do we use the cold weather to create cozy homes? I like to call this “cold weather decorating”. I have a few easy tips for you to create a warm space for this chilly season.

1. Use throw pillows, not only for added textile but to add warmth and comfort. Splash them around your home, using them on sofas, chairs, beds, window seats, benches and even on the floor.


Image: Andy Liffner

2. Magazines and books can immediately give the sense of cold, rainy days that require lots of blankets, hot chocolate and hot fireplaces. Display them by stacking them on the floor, on tabletops or displaying them on shelves. Create a more organic feel by mixing and matching sizes and colors.


Image: Amber Interiors

3. Rugs ALWAYS warm up a space. Choose a rich, textured rug for your powder room. Your guests will love it!


Image: French By Design

4. Wood accessories bring a sense of rustic, warm moments. I love pairing vintage wood pieces with more modern, streamlined pieces.


Image: Marie Claire Maison

5. Display your silver collection with pride. All of that gorgeous old silver compliments the cold, winter months and creates a masterpiece.


Image: First Home

6. Sheepskin is an obvious choice for creating cozy spaces. You can display them on chairs, sofas, benches and even in front of fireplaces.


Image: House Of C 

7. If you want to bring some practical warmth to your bed as well as adding some style, a simple quilt will do the job!

28 Surreal Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level

Humans are social creatures that require a great deal of private space, and when it’s privacy you crave home is where the heart is. No matter what your home looks like it is your sanctuary. Simply stepping through the front door and clicking the door locked behind you brings a feeling of peace and tranquility.

People dump a considerable amount of money into their home, either on monthly mortgage payments or rent. Since you spend so much time in your house and put so much money into it, you might as well make it perfect with surreal interior designs that speak to you.

The amazing interior design ideas on this list offer something for everyone, from grand sweeping installations that cost an arm and a leg, to stunning yet simple designs you can duplicate while still staying on a budget.

1. Glass Floor Over Water

The best way to bring the ocean waters inside…


Photo Credit:

2. Lowered Reading Room With Unique Glass Walls

I would love to get lost in a book hanging out in this prime reading room!


Photo Credit:

3. Secret Tree House Play Room

What kid wouldn’t love to have this cool design in their room?


Photo Credit: Jorge Simos

4. Old Tower Clock Window

This home is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in New York City thanks to the view, and the fact it has over 6,000 square feet of living space.


Photo Credit: David Walentas


5. Stairs Packing Plenty Of Storage

The perfect solution for tight living quarters…


Photo Credit: unknown

6. Stained-Glass Door Adds A Colorful Disco Touch


Photo Credit:

7. Ceiling Library

The best home renovation projects offer more than just aesthetics, but space saving convenience as well. When you have too many books to fit in your house, turn your ceiling into an impressive circular library.


Photo Credit: Travis Price Architects

8. Glass River Table By Greg Klassen


Photo Credit: Greg Klassen

See more incredible Glass Rivers And Lakes Flow Across Beautiful Tables By Furniture Maker Greg Klassen.

9. Glow-In-The-Dark Wall Murals


Photo Credit: Bogi Fabian

10. Stunning Rock Wall Art


Photo Credit: Ancient Art Of Stone

11. Chandelier Transforms Any Room Into An Enchanted Forest


Photo Credit: Hilden & Diaz

12. Wooden Reading Hammock


Photo Credit: Bernardo Rodrigues


13. Indoor Tree House


14. Fiber Optic Starry Night Sky Bathroom Floor

You can add stars to any floor in your house as well. Learn more: See How This Guy Transformed His Bathroom Floor Into A Starry Night Sky.


Photo Credit: Baldr

15. Moss Wall


Photo Credit:

16. Real Tree Growing Inside Living Room

My only question is how do they keep the roots from interfering with the foundation of the house.


Photo Credit: Theo Home Designing

17. Mind Blowing Cosmic Wall Mural


Photo Credit:

18. These Blinds Instantly Improve Your View


Photo Credit: Elina Aalto

19. Interlocking Wooden Floor Inspired By M.C. Escher


Photo Credit:

20. Pirate Ship Bed


Photo Credit:

21. Fireplace Straight From The Deep, Dark Depths Of The Sea


Photo Credit:

22. Glass House Built Around A Living Tree



Photo Credit: A. Masow Design Studio

23. Illusion Wall… Is It Rippled Or Smooth?


Photo Credit:

24. Bicycle Sink

Here’s one way to recycle your old bike!


Photo Credit: Benjamin Bullins

25. Sleep Beneath The Apple Trees In This Lovely Four-Poster Canopy Bed


Photo Credit: Etsy

26. Turn Your Home Into A Skateboard Ramp

The prime bachelor pad for skaters:


Photo Credit: Pierre Andre Senizergues

27. Family Tree Wall Decal


Photo Credit:

28. Hammock Hanging Over The Stairs


Photo Credit:

10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kitchen

By Joanna Simmons, Houzz Contributor

One of our favorite spaces in the house, the kitchen can also be one of the most predictable. After all, it typically contains some countertop space, a few appliances and lots of storage. But a little imagination and some inventive styling can softly steer this room toward a look filled with personality. These smart details — some of them integral to the design, some added later — bring a fresh, original feel to a much-loved room.


Eclectic Kitchen by London Cabinets & Cabinetry British Standard by Plain English

1. Add a copper sink. Copper is a hugely popular material, with a long history of use in the kitchen. Often it shows up in pots and pans, but here it’s been fashioned into a sink. More humble than marble and nicely artisanal in feel, a copper sink is an unusual, stylish choice.


Traditional Spaces by London Cabinets & Cabinetry British Standard by Plain English

2. Seek out alternative handles. Metal, wood and ceramic are familiar choices for handles and knobs, so going with something a little more unusual will help give your kitchen its own style. Here, leather strap handles blend beautifully with the wooden counter, but it’s the element of surprise they carry that really catches the eye.

Find Trendy New Cabinet and Drawer Pulls on Houzz


Contemporary Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Blakes London

3. Light it up. Kitchens often feature integrated spotlights and task lighting, but adding a more decorative table lamp to a work surface or sideboard can instantly give a very different feel to the room.


Scandinavian Spaces by South West Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Sustainable Kitchens

4. Soften stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great material for a countertop and much-used in professional kitchens. This kitchen shows how it can be made to look soft and neat rather than seriously industrial when framed by the plywood trim of the cabinets.


Midcentury Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Designed Space Interior Exterior

5. Hang some art. In the quest to make a kitchen practical, we sometimes forget to style it like any other room. Hanging art in the kitchen, close to units and equipment, extends the style found in other areas of the house into this very practical space. The framed painting seen here beautifully matches the cabinets and backsplash.

Need New Artwork? Find Something on Houzz

Transitional Kitchen by East Anglia Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Humphrey Munson

6. Make it mirrored. Antiqued mirrored glass brings a softly reflective element to a room and makes a wonderful material for a backsplash. It’s practical and easy to wipe down, but it also boosts the feeling of space and creates depth.


Traditional Kitchen by London Cabinets & Cabinetry British Standard by Plain English

7. Work with paint. A kitchen with paneled walls is the perfect canvas for a creative paint job. Use paint to create the illusion of a backsplash running around the entire room. You can even include the lower cabinets, as shown here.


Modern Kitchen by London Photographers David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

8. Create a cool toe kick. Toe kicks can be something of an afterthought and generally match the cabinets above, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here, a stainless steel toe kick creates a reflective, almost glowing strip at the base of these wooden units. It’s a nice, subtle contrast of materials.

transitional-kitchen (1)

Transitional Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Sigmar

9. Add a vintage piece. Teaming up contemporary and vintage pieces is a mix-and-match approach that works brilliantly in other rooms but isn’t often used in the kitchen. Hanging a vintage display case to supplement built-in contemporary cabinets adds loads of personality, not to mention lovely visual variety.

transitional-kitchen (2)

Transitional Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Blakes London

10. Integrate herb storage. Pots of fresh herbs cluttering up your windowsill? Who says they always have to be kept there? A clever alternative is to design an integrated trough into a counter where the herbs can neatly sit. A simple open rack, hung on the wall, is another good alternative.

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